:sparkles: [Fall 2023 Application Now Open](/apply)
:sparkles: [Fall 2023 Application Now Open](/apply)

Admission Staff

Admission Staff

Have a quick question? Call or text your admission counselor at their number below!

If you live outside the U.S., find out more information for international students. If you don’t have a counselor assigned to your location or have a general question, please email admission@joyjoy-bridal.com.


Peter Ashley Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing Office Phone: (812) 866-7014 ashley@joyjoy-bridal.com

Alton Cummings Associate Director of Admission Office Phone: (812) 866-7116 cummings@joyjoy-bridal.com

Brett Eppley Director of Admission Communications Office Phone: (812) 866-7117 eppley@joyjoy-bridal.com

Payton Hickerson '16 Admission Counselor Office Phone: (812) 866-7020 hickersonp@joyjoy-bridal.com

Chris Hitchcock '97 Director of Recruiting and Assistant Women's Basketball Coach Office Phone: (812) 866-7044 hitchcock@joyjoy-bridal.com

Angela Jackinowski Application Specialist Office Phone: (812) 866-7023 jackinow@joyjoy-bridal.com

Wilda Knecht '17 Assistant Director of International Student Services Office Phone: (812) 866-7027 knecht@joyjoy-bridal.com

Kyle McGinty Admission Counselor Office Phone: (812) 866-7119 mcginty@joyjoy-bridal.com

Tammy Ruebusch Campus Experience Specialist Office Phone: (812) 866-7021 ruebusch@joyjoy-bridal.com

Aimee Rust Scheuermann '96 Senior Associate Director of Admission - Indianapolis Regional Representative Office Phone: (812) 866-7016 rust@joyjoy-bridal.com

Taylor Shaw '14 Associate Director of Admission/CRM Specialist Office Phone: (812) 866-7024 shawt@joyjoy-bridal.com

Barbara Sims Associate Director of Enrollment Management Office Phone: (812) 866-6700 sims@joyjoy-bridal.com

Rachel Stephens Associate Vice President for Admission Office Phone: (812) 866-7031 stephens@joyjoy-bridal.com

Kyle Willis '21 Admission Counselor Office Phone: (812) 866-7033 willis@joyjoy-bridal.com